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We have tried our best to think of all the potential answers you may need. However, as we all have amazingly different minds (isn't that great?), you may have something we did not think of. 

If you do, please do leave an email at We will be happy to answer you.


1. How long before I receive my Rai Bliss bag or clothes?

We are just excited for you to receive your fun and cool Rai Bliss pieces. We will try to make it at the soonest. Delivery time is usually between 5-7 working days for West Malaysia. 7 - 10 working days for East Malaysia.

2. Do I have to pay for shipping? 

Yes,you do have to pay for shipping, However, for orders above Rm 200, we will provide free shipping (yay !)

3. Are your textiles cruelty- free? 

Yes, all our textiles and fabrics are natural or synthetic (machine made). We do not use any animal based fabrics. our focus is to keep the fabrics as natural as possible as its is more friendly to your skin and the environment. 

4. Can I customize my own clutch bag? 

Yes sure. Imagine, carrying a clutch bag made from heirloom fabrics, an old saree or your mum's wedding outfit. We even had one mum make a beautiful bag made from different remnants of her sarees. Get creative and contact us for your very special item. Customization requires at least 1 month (depending on the design etc).